How NLD Works

NLDAIRY is a platform designed to enable you make money online with your smart phone through our Earning scheme!

You are being paid for doing couple of things on our website and these are things you can do anywhere and any day, Any time!

Now most of us spend hours online on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and we tend to Get nothing in Return, But in NLDAIRY your data is a tool To Earn Money online and smile daily to the bank!

• Now We Have Three Packages You can Opt In For!

Below are the three packages available

1• Free Package/Plan

2• Basic Package/Plan

3• Premium Package/Plan

Let’s Talk about the Free Package

FREE PACKAGE•• The Free Package is a Plan that requires no fee to register, you can automatically Register for free and perform your daily activities, Though they are Restrictions to The Earnings and Features

• You Earn N50 For daily login

• You Earn N50 For sharing Sponsored Post

• You Earn 1naira for Viewing Posts/ Articles

• You Earn N100 for Each article, news or Post You submit

You can withdraw Your Earnings when it meets up a three sold of N10,000 For Free package

Withdrawal for Free package is Usually on the 10th of Every Month( We Tend to Share revenue Gotten From advert , We start from the highest Activities Earners until it gets exhausted while all remnant are carried over to the next month)

2 *Basic Package* > Basic Plan or Package Is One that Requires A registration Fee of N1500 to get started and Register and you Earn Differently

Below is the Earning Scheme For Basic Plan>

1• You get N100 as welcome Bonus

2• You Earn N50 for daily Login

3• You Earn 100Naira for Sharing Sponsored Post

4• You Earn 100Naira For Each Post you Submit

5•• You Earn 2naira For Viewing/reading Of News, Articles and Post

6• You Get N800 for every Of Your Downline That Successfully Registers For A Basic Plan and You get N1200 referral For Every of Your Prospects that Successfully Registers For Premium Plan

7•• You can Covert Your Activities Earnings To Coupon code and Use it to Register Someone while you get and pocket The registration fee ( N2000 Nars can be Converted to a Coupon code and This is a Fast means of Paying Yourself without Admin’s Approval)

3•• *Premium Package* > Premium plan or Package Is The King of All packages and it Has the highest Earning Plan though it requires A Registration Fee of N1800 to get signed up and start Earning

Let’s take a Look At The Earning Scheme for Premium Package

1• You get N150 as Welcome Bonus

2• You Earn 70Naira For daily Login

3•• You Earn 150 For Sponsored Post Shared

4• You Earn N100 For each submitted Post

5• You Earn 3naira For reading or viewing News

6• You Earn 1200 for each premium Member You sucessfully refer and N800 For Each Basic Member You sucessfully refer !

7•• You can also Convert Your Nars Earnings To Coupon Code and Use it to register Your prospects While You pocket The registration fee (Pay Yourself)

All These Earnings are summed up and Paid Directly To your Bank account Submitted During the day Of Withdrawal!

*WITHDRAWAL* >Now There Is A Daily Withdrawal For Members (basic or premium) With at least 2 referrals, Your referrals Earnings are paid along side your Activities Earnings, Hence for you to be able to withdraw Your Earnings Daily You should have at least A minimum balance Of N1600 irrespective of the plan or Package You are!

All Members with one or No referral at all are paid Usually on the 26th of Every month, With a Minimum of N5000 ( The withdrawal Portal would be open For you To Request and Get paid on or before 30th of Same Month)

This is one of the Outstanding Concept That Could make You some Cool some Of Money daily or Monthly!

We trying to Breach All Gap and Break boundaries, We also accept Bitcoin Payments)

Foreigners Too can Join and Pay through Bit coin while you also get Paid in Bit coin)

Below is the Foreign Earning Chat

Free plan👇👇👇👇

1• You Earn 0.14 USD For daily Login (when you login your account daily)

2• You Earn 0.14USD For Sharing Sponsored post Daily on your social Media Accounts

3• You Earn 0.28 USD For Each post You Submit

Registration fee
Minimum amount to Withdrawal>> 28USD

2•• *Basic Package* >

• You Earn 0.14 USD For Daily Login

• You Earn 0.28 USD For sharing Sponsored Post

• You Earn 0.28 USD For submitting Post and Content

• You Earn 0.02 USD For Viewing/Reading News

• You Earn 2.22 USD for Each Basic member You refer and 3.33 USD for each Premium Member You refer

Registration fee> 4.16 USD

3•• *Premium Package*

• You Earn 0.19 USD For Daily Login

• You Earn 0.42 USD for sharing Sponsored post

• You Earn 0.28 USD for Submitting Post and Articles

• You Earn 0.02 USD for reading and Viewing News!

• You Earn 3.33 USD for each Premium member you refer and 2.22 USD For Each Basic member you refer

Registration fee>> 5.00 USD

Withdrawals>> There is a daily withdrawals for those with at least 2 referrals, You can actually Request for Your referral Earnings along side Your activities Earnings as Long as you have 2 referrals(either basic or premium)
So once you have up to 4.44USD as unpaid referral Earning You can actually Request for withdrawal and Get paid To your BTC wallet 24hrs After requesting!

While all those with 1 referrals are No referral at all are paid on the monthly Basis, 26th of every Month ( You get paid to your BTC wallet)

For foreigners interested in basic and premium packages To register and Get started you are advised to contact Our Bitcoin Merchant or pay out into the below Bitcoin wallet and forward Your payment proof to >>

Bitcoin Merchant

Name> Chris Hyacinth> +2348132942638

BTC wallet> 3CEVauiTYmjYDyYenNDW53nGQc7jzh5qA3

You can either contact him through phone call or via WhatsApp or Mail your payment proof to our support

PLEASE NOTE>> You would be given an e-pin otherwise Known As Coupon code which You would Use to Register on the site successfully, You can either get Coupon from from Coupon code vendors (if you are in Nigeria Please kindly contact any of the follow coupon Merchant for Coupon code and guidance

1 • Chris Hyacinth > 08132942638

2• Clinton Nwaeze > 09076069167

3 Christiana > 08038684841

4 Tijani> 09031284759

5 victor > 08148625243

Kindly Contact Any Of them and make Payment of 1500 for Basic Plan and 1800 for Premium plan!

While if you are a foreigner or You reside Abroad You can make payment through BTC!

Kindly pay into this wallet > 3CEVauiTYmjYDyYenNDW53nGQc7jzh5qA3


Contact >>

Name> Chris Hyacinth
Phone number> +2348132942638